Here I will be posting all sorts of my favorite photos. This first gallery consists of shadow silhouettes and patterns that I just love. As I add more photos, you can expect to see some of the categories listed here below:


Some of the best pictures are taken while in new environments. I will share here my favorite pictures from around the world and some stories to go along with them. I will be giving travel advice as well from time to time, not just sharing the pictures but sharing the stories as well as some secret tips. As an aspiring travel photographer I constantly work to improve my technique.


Photographing great works of art sure is a special feeling. Oftentimes in Europe, photographers are forbidden to take pictures of some of the great works. Luckily, many statues and other large works of art are readily available located throughout the major cities of Europe.


I won’t just save my food selfies for Instagram! Like many other people, I cannot resist taking pictures of beautiful food. That’s why when I’m traveling and always eating at new and exciting restaurants I am always taking pictures of my food. How can one resist snapping a quick image of a beautiful lobster served on a plantain leaf, as the sun sets into an emerald ocean behind?


Breaking out my GoPro, I capture every moment of the adventure activities I do and plan to do. From skiing the Alps to skydiving in America, I always take pictures for the memories, so expect to get excited!


One of my favorite subjects to shoot, taking great pictures of people has excited me from the beginning. People make great subjects for your photography pictures, especially silhouette images. I love taking peoples’ pictures in all of the new places I visit, and plan to share some of those pictures here as I get them uploaded.


Landscape photography is a whole different game to play. In order to capture the best moments, patience is essential. I have waited hours upon hours just to get the perfect shot. Expect to find some riveting landscape imagery below.


Even more difficult thank landscape photography, taking pictures of animals is an art. I have not yet perfected this art, but I would like to share some wildlife photos here all the same.


Inspired from the varying architecture types in Europe and all around the world, photographing buildings is one of my favorite types of photography. Buildings create some amazing perspective and cast beautiful shadows to take abstract pictures.