Day: November 18, 2018

Nature Photography in Iceland

Nature Photography in Iceland

The Best Nature Photography in Iceland

Nature has always provided us with amazing scenery and Iceland carries a ton of them. Apart from its rich history it provides magnificent hiking trails, a wonderful fishing experience, fjords, hot springs and of course a mouthful of names.

When traveling in one of the least populated countries, I met some friends who run one of the top rated fort collins seo services and  helped me to experience the ambiance peacefully and get in touch with nature for photography and leisure.   Iceland has small lively villages with clustered population hence nature has triumphed. The diminutive towns are surrounded by enchanting and uninhabited scenery for visitors to explore. Also since it strategically sits on an active place on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge it enchants us with bubbling pools, hot springs and natural steam vents. Eruptions have occurred from time to time leaving ash field, upland plateaus and bare lava.

There are also adrenaline-rushing passes and ridges like the Eyjafjallajokul or Mount Kirkjufell for hikers.  For example the Blue Lagoon has been a great tourist site in Iceland despite its relative young age. It is famed for its captivating colorful waters. These steamy, bubbly mineral filled waters and the massages are perhaps why the place has been hailed as a mystical healing place.

Ice fields are also abound. For example the Vatnajokull glacier is amazing by the sheer land it covers making it Europe’s biggest. Also Mydarsjokull Glacier Park is another place to explore.  The Gullfoss Falls is another delightful site with its powerful 32-meter drop. Often visitors get to see rainbows over it or a cover of mist which further livens the aura. Also hikers get to hike on the beautiful banks of Hvita River.

You can never run out of places to visit in Iceland, From the fishing towns like Grundarfjodur, to hiking trails like Laugavegur, coves and ridges and beautiful scenery like the Eldgja canyon. It is truly wondrous to see iceland photography, nature photography. On top of the scenery and Icelandic heritage places like Reykjavic will offer a chic nightlife and taverns with Icelandic vodka.